Third Party Political Groups

There are a few American political parties other than just Democrats and Republicans. Actually, there are around fifty; some of them are only statewide, while others were once pretty popular. Some even had federal representatives when they were founded. Here are a few of the more shocking groups, starting with my personal favorite: The World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists. Sounds like a nice name right? It was founded in 1959 as the American Nazi Party. “Hey guys, what’s a nicer word for Nazi?” Here are some of the other parties to emerge in the U.S. that deserve to be filed securely in the trash compactor:

The other non-mainstream parties that deserve a second look, and even a successul presidential candidate at some point, are:

So if you’re struggling with your decision to vote in the next election, remember, there are plenty of choices. You could go in favor of the stoners and pot-heads, or vote for the renewal of Prohibitionism. On the other hand, there’s also the up and coming white nationalists of the American Nazi Party, –oh, I mean the “American Third Position Party”. Sorry, –hard to keep those two straight. Whatever you decide, please, vote for someone. We have the right to choose our nation’s leaders, and we should. And afterwards, we should stop bitching, because, after all, it was our choice.

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